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Whiteley Football Club was founded over 7 years ago, formed by local residents to Whiteley Retail Village. Starting in the City of Portsmouth division 4 Whiteley soon gained promotion to division 3 and again, to division 2 all within quick succession.

Having had our AGM (April 2005) we decided that going forward, the best thing for this club is to have two teams. There is going to be a reserve team which will play in the City of Portsmouth league and a first team. If players do not make it in the first team they will be still playing for the second team and we will be swapping players between the two teams depending on performances. This will be better than last season where we found that we had too hard a job picking 14 players from a group of about 20 because the skill levels were very similar. This season we are aiming to keep as many players as happy as we can trying to ensure that everyone is playing every week.

We are starting full training from 01 June (Wednesdays) and every Sunday from the 05 June 2005.


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