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GB Utd 4 Whiteley XI 0

We started about as badly as it ever gets, with a terrible blunder between defence and goalkeeper, resulting in there striker pinching a loose ball 12 yards out and slotting it home - 1-0 down in as many minutes!!!

We then picked ourselves up and realised it was a silly error, and set about trying to pull one back, Alex Cade in particular grafting in the middle and working well with Holmesy. We still lacked a bit of communication through the team, and for all our effort we seemed to toil a bit. We did however create a few chances, with Garry being unlucky from one of my free kicks, and then just failing to connect with a vicious cross from Alex. Jon Allery again weighed in with a strong effort down the left and Garry and Pete were just short of getting on the end of numerous through balls from the midfield. We still werenít passing the ball well as we went in at half time, but we were working hard, and I felt we should have scored 2 or 3 goals by then.

At half time, I asked that we communicate better, especially at the back as I felt we would get punished sooner or later.

The second half started with the defence communicating better with midfield, but still not with each other!!!!!! GB United scored a real cracker soon after half time, I could moan about slack marking, but at the end of the day, it was a fine finish from the lad and a damn good goal.

We then made changes, which I hold my hand up, were ill advised. I took Garry off and Vik off and brought in Mike at Left back and Paddy in centre mid, with Holmsey pushed out right, I went up front. I wanted to make a drastic change, but to be honest my options were limited, and the lads who came on performed very well, Paddy looks a far better player and he grafted hard for us, need to look at how you read the game paddy and time those tackles better, but on the whole it was a strong display, Mike as well, looked very comfortable and solid at the back.. unfortunately I asked Holmsey to play out of his normal position, and this obviously didnít suit him, Iíll learn not to do that again, sorry Mark. Alex Cade continued to try and win the game with everything he had, and again he floated a superb free kick which I managed to get on the end of, but my header was stopped by their keeper.

Shortly afterwards, we conceded a penalty, which although was harsh on us, really we should never have allowed the situation to develop in the first place, some hesitancy at the back left us with two defenders putting in a strong challenge on the edge of the box, which GB made the most of (He dived!!) and that was that.

We had a few efforts from Jon A, Alex and myself, but all to no avail, and eventually GB scored a fourth which was a result of dreadfully inadequate tackling on our part, despite the standard of football we play, there is no way anyone should be able to waltz past 4 players almost unchallenged from 30 yards out.. sorry lads, not acceptable.

To summarize then, we put in some hard work, but between lousy communication, lousy tactics and lousy defending (From all 13 players!) we got what we deserved.. nothing. I have to say that 3 of the goals were stupid, but arenít they all??

Jon is back in charge this week lads, and we are all playing for our places now, after that drubbing Jon will be well justified in carrying out drastic changes to the line up, so be aware.

My man of the match this week was easy, despite a decent first half and patchy second half from Jon Allery, Alex Cade gave everything he had on Sunday, and thoroughly deserves to be recognised as the best Whiteley player on show. Well done Alex.

Lets see as many as possible at training on Wednesday lads, we have a decent team, but Ray, Jon and myself all knew that the true test of how good we can be this season will be indicated by how we bounce back from a defeat, so lets see what youíve got boys, lets see what you can come back with this Sunday.

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