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Whiteley FC 4 Stamshaw 4

This was only our second league home game of the season so far.

unfortunately, even though apparently there are loads of ref's available for league games, we found that we could not get one for this match. Their player kindly said he would ref and do his best during the game.

Five minutes into the game and we found ourselves one nil down. With their centre forward driving into the box, Simon went to challenge him and their striker slowed enough to get caught in Simons tackle and the ref gave a penalty. They dispatched the penalty to make it 0-1.

Having had more than a few decisions go against us even when their team were flying in with two footed tackles, but that was nothing compared to the incident that happened next. They attacked down the wing and made their way into the penatly area. Their striker shot and Dan saved well, the ball travelled accross the goalmouth. Ryan came flying in and cleared the ball away for a throw in. The whistle then went and we thought it was for a push on Dan, only to find that the ref, standing 30 yards from goal gave a goal saying the ball had crossed the line, even though the linesman declared it hadn't and the ball was clearly two yards in front of the goal line. What a travesty. What could we do apart from get on with the game.

Five minutes after that and we found ourselves 3-0 down. Their striker racing through and slotting past Dan from close range.

We tried to get our passing game going and found the going difficult constantly battling against their team and their ref. Five minutes before half time and we pulled a goal back. A great corner from Jas saw Marv score his first goal of the season with a towering header at the back post. We went in at half time 3-1 down and pretty wound up with the way the game was going and the decisions being made.

We went into the second half and played much better football. We pulled another goal back with a slight scramble in the box, Kev had a shot blocked but Rosey made no mistake from close range.

We then conceeded another goal which made the game 2-4, things were not looking good. However, the turning point in the game came with ahlf an hour to go. We were awarded a penalty and, as Damo placed the ball on the spot, all hell broke loose. Aidan being stamped on by their number 3 pushed him off his feet, only to get headbutted in the face. He swung for him and missed only to be floored by two players. Marv and Simon tried to break up the carnage that ensued. Simon got punched and kicked by two of their players, and, as he was bent double, their number 3 came round and kicked him in the face three times. Eventually the maul got broken up and the ref abandoned the game. We walked off the pitch with Aidan having cracked a tooth and split his lip. We decided to walk off and get changed. The ref came over and asked us if we wanted to carry on and we said no. after about ten minutes we decided to play the last half an hour so we wouldnt have to play them again twice in the future. Damo put the ball back on the spot and, with the keeper going the wrong way he made it 3-4.

Stamshaw then went to pieces. With Oz having come on, we quickly won the ball back and, with a delightful pass from Rosey, Oz flicked the ball behind him to Jones, who made no mistake, drilling his shot low and into the corner of the net.

The game continued to be scrappy and thankfully the whistle went leaving us rueing the day that we couldnt find an official ref, and also wound up about the decisions and goal that was given against us.

Man of the match was between Dan and Marv, Dan was superb yet again and kept us in the game and Marv was commanding in midfield and really made a difference. So the award this week goes to Marv. Well done.

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