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In the good words of Ron and Todd Poole "Oh! What a night!"....

No mini-bus this time for the Whiteley boys, so we all met at Swanick station to get a train into town. With Leroy looking as smooth as sandpaper and being his usual subdued self, it wasnt long before his Tourette's kicked in on the train!

First stop.. Square Balloon. With Nial out to celebrate his 18th birthday we staggered our entry to the Square so that we could all get in and meet up inside... Having had a few beers, we had assembled our group, with Aidan, Damo, Alex, Marc "sicknote", Jas, Jonesey, Mabeh, Simon, Rosey, John, Leroy.. Kev was lagging behind still waiting for his cab at this stage..

Next stop... Toad in the Park or should I say Que Pasa?. We progressed into "Que Pasa" having had 2 or 3 beers and used up most of the photos on the camera. Everyone was in a jovial mood as Leroy took to the dance floor almost straight away and wound himself up and down the pole in front of 3 young ladies. Not content with that but he then went over to practice using some more of his Tourette's on the lovely ladies. A few of the boys had a chat and realised that one of them was absolutely stinking rich.. Aidan got chatting to her mate and things were looking good! We decided to leave about half an hour later now that Kev had finally joined the pack!

Next stop was Yates/Flares.. We sort of split up at this stage with Jonesey dragging a few of us down to flares kicking and screaming, whilst some went over to Yate's. Not sure what happened at Yate's so will move on to Flares!

Next stop...Flares.. shame!.. No queue this time and in we went. It was rammed.. full of yung (and old) ladies, and Leroy again started to look for some prey. We were joined by everyone else and we formed a "pack" as we continued to deprive eveyone else in the club of any alcohol by trying to drink the bar dry.. It wasnt long before we found ourselves on the dance floor.. having dusted off some of his moves, Jonesey came to the fore.. Dancing like something out of a Michael Jackson video (thriller!!), we soon had cleared enough space to totally dominate the floor! With Jas winding and grinding, Aidan and Alex doing the same it was turning into a good night.. Until.. I looked up to see Leroy being "woo'd" by a fat bird up on the stage.. She strutted her stuff by putting her leg on the balconey rail and lowering herself down (just think of hamstring stretches).. Before I could stop him, Leroy was there dancing in front of her and then doing exactly the same.. but lowering himself even closer to the ground than she did!! After quite some time Nial had to be picked up so I escorted him out of the club. He had done well considering all the drinks that people were buying him. I couldnt get back into Flares without queueing so I texted a few of the boys and we headed down towards........ICON/DIVA!!

Final Stop...Icon Diva..COME ON!.. We split up and the older boys went into Diva while the younger ones went into Icon. With everyone apparently in the club we went to meet them in Icon but could only find Aidan. It was pretty poor in there so we headed back into Diva and started to strut our stuff on the floor. We got more and more drunk, in fact I am struggling to remember that much in there. However, it didnt seem long before the night was over and we had to get a taxi back home. We went outside and Mabey Rosey, Jonesey and Simon lept into a cab waving goodbye to Kev and Damo. We tried to call Jas but apparently everyone else had gone home because Icon was rubbish. Kev and I walked/staggered for about an hour and managed to find a cab about 3.00am.

It was a great night, but there was a lesson to be learnt.. we should have stayed in Flares! Diva was not up to much nor was Icon. Next time we will be doing the top end of town.

Also, to cut out any speculation, Jonesey did try to pull.......the "Welcome to Whiteley" road sign out of the ground and did his back in doing it! And yes the sign is ok! Until Jas can actually be bothered to develop the photos, you will have to content yourself with the poxy camera phone photo taken by Aidan!!

Here are some more photos from the night. Click on the image to enlarge it:-


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